GiveBig 2017

Each year, SeaVuria participates in the Seattle Foundation’s #GiveBig event, a one-day online giving opportunity to raise funds for nonprofit organizations serving Greater Seattle. This year, the Early Giving scheduling of donations begins on April 27th, with #GiveBig itself taking place on Wednesday, May 10 from midnight to midnight Pacific Time.

In the past, you’ve generously donated to SeaVuria, and we’ve put the BIG in your GIVE!

To date, with your help, we have:

  • Purchased space on a container ship to send almost 200 laptops with carts to our partner schools.
  • Created and compiled the curriculum for 8 global projects for our students, with relevant topics such as Water, Malaria, Diabetes, Conservation, Antibiotic Resistance, and Sustainability.
  • Provided a two-week teacher training for our partner teachers of Kenya, in the fields of Chemistry, Physics, and Biology. Including one week of hands-on teaching in the schools using SeaVuria web resources and curriculum.

This year, we are hoping that you will continue your generosity.

As SeaVuria continues to collaborate with our Kenyan teachers in the use of web-based resources, technology, hands-on learning, and relevant projects, it’s important that “Now, More Than Ever”, we provide the equipment necessary to implement these fantastic tools in the classroom.

SeaVuria wants to provide a teaching station for each of our 60 Kenyan teachers. These stations include:

  • A laptop computer
  • An LCD overhead projector
  • A Raspberry Pi (with STEM resources)
  • A Document Camera

Thanks to a generous grant, 10 of these stations have already been purchased. With your help, we can finish the job!


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